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Slow Food enthusiasts will appreciate how focusing on ancient, seasonal and native foods helps move us in step with the rhythm of nature. Locavores will relish just how local eating can be with wild foods. Edible Forest Gardeners, who are part of the agricultural ecology movement, will value how this book demystifies unusual edibles. This first part of the book serves as a visual guide, tracking 50 plants through their growing cycle. The images illustrate the culinary uses of the plants at various seasons.

Readers will find these details immensely practical, as the plants we cover are wild, abundant and very common in many of the temperate zones throughout the world. The book also includes a few plants that started as cultivated specimens but then freely spread themselves, becoming wild in the landscape. The illustrations, drawn in color pencil and watercolor, are both botanically accurate and aesthetically pleasing.

A clear, concise written commentary accompanies each illustration, elucidating plant identification and application. This section contains more than delicious, nutritious and economical master recipes, each formulated to help the reader easily comprehend how wild plants can be turned into culinary delights. And from these master recipes thousands of recipe variations can be made. The book offers basic, easy-to-follow cooking techniques and preparations, providing a strong foundation for kitchen creativity.

Please note that these recipes are not limited to wild ingredients; they can be used with cultivated ingredients as well, purchased or homegrown.

Many of the recipes can be made to accommodate various dietary restrictions: gluten-free, casein-free, dairy-free, grain-free, and sugar-free. This portion of the book will be thorough enough to stand alone as a helpful and inspiring cookbook.

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We believe we are the right folks to take on the job of creating this book from conception through publication. We know the subject matter thoroughly and possess the expertise to design and produce the material effectively. In addition, we will be creating other products to complement the book.

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Dina's unique background as an herbalist and cook combines with Wendy's extensive career as a botanical artist to give us the perfect set of skills for the project. We have what it takes to create a book with the highest level of authority and craftsmanship. Dina brings extraordinary attention to every minute detail of the plants she uses in recipes, bringing the material to life, and Wendy's experience working with such publications as The New York Times, Real Simple Magazine and Random House honed her illustration skills to a fine art. Wendy worked many years in textile design and has extensive experience designing products and books.

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Her website: www. We would like to print a large number of books so we can sell each copy at a reasonable price, allowing the work to reach a greater audience. To ensure that the book is well designed and edited, and printed by a quality printer in the United States, we need to raise capital. With your help through the Kickstarter program, we know we can accomplish the task!

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Shipped to you within the United States. The class will run for 3 hours and will be held at Hollengold farm in Accord, NY on July 12th from 5 - 8pm. Would love to have this book! I am learning about wildcrafting for medicinal use and this book would be a great companion. Not a comment a question. Recently received Meyer lemon oil——does it need to be refrigerated? What a wonderful book to own. Books with this kind of knowledge can be a life-saver in time of necessity. We do video blogs on how to do all this!

Announcing The Wild Cookbook

See us on urbantuckerwoman. I really try and encourage people to NOT slavishly follow my recipes or any recipes they find in books.

Foraging & Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook

I nearly did it with my own book , but then bottled-out. Pascal Baudar is a wild food experimentalist extraordinaire. This book is beautifully designed, with awesome, lip-smacking photos to die for. This is it.

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Nothing I have come across in the past few years even comes close. Pascal is someone who truly plays with their wild imagination. Be inspired. If there was one book to get.

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This would be it. Prannie Rhatigan is pretty awesome.


A lovely human being.