Before Elvis: The Prehistory of Rock n Roll

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  1. Before Elvis: The Prehistory of Rock n Roll
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Before Elvis: The Prehistory of Rock n Roll

Still the Greatest is a love MacFarlane surveys the relationship between McLuhan's ideas on the nature and effects of electric technology and The Beatles own engagement of that technology; offers analyses of key Unlike other histories of rock, Before Elvis offers a far broader and deeper analysis of the influences on rock music.

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Rock’n’Roll Culture Essay Sample | Assignment Lab Examples

Filter Results. Last 30 days. Last 90 days. All time. English Only. Mark Howard , Chris Howard. Read about how specific techniques like the walking bass line became so popular. Discover those under-the-radar guitar slingers. There really isn't any part of the rock and roll story that Birnbaum doesn't get to and that's really what I like most about this book.

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The author feels his readers need to know it all, and he's researched it well. Details abound not so much because the writer wishes to immortalize himself, but because they are there to correct what has gone wrong and continues to go wrong because most writers of books are too lazy to research extensively, or borrow from sources that are too iffy for a serious work.

Unlike many books of historic value, the writing is far from being stilted.

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  • In fact the prose is rather elegant. Birnbaum has a conversational style and it is possible to imagine a scenario where the reader is in a large audience listening to the writer speaking.

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    The reader is further enthralled by the substantive writing with which it is easy to become engaged; even enthralled and enraptured. This is also because to the aficionado and the serious student of American ethnomusicology the touchstones in terms of the music are all there. Larry Birnbaum brings it all alive with his writing that combines the mention of anthemic music and a tone and manner that mirrors a fine detective novel. It is clear from his writing that Mr. Birnbaum not only has a passion for the music, but is also a serious student of it.

    This is a big help for not only the writer, who can go to great lengths to make his thesis known and to prove it, but also benefits the reader who might be on the fringe, such as readers of a work that might also be interested in cultural anthropology. While this is not a book about that subject, the fact that it is written about a music that is so all encompassing it also penetrates that realm.

    The rest of the well researched and impressively hefty tome details numerous examples of each genre as the author persuasively states his case. Before Elvis just may be the best overview of rock and roll's tangled history since Charlie Gillett's groundbreaking The Sound of the City in There is a rich reservoir of information here even if you already have a firm handle on how the music all began. If you are researching the subject for the first time, you are in for quite a rocking ride. In between his discussions of artists and band line-ups, Birnbaum traces song lineages at the hands of different acts, each of which reflected an artist's personal stylistic preferences.

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