Victory Garden

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They planted gardens in backyards, empty lots and even city rooftops.

The Gardens of Victory (WWII film)

Neighbors pooled their resources, planted different kinds of foods and formed cooperatives, all in the name of patriotism. Farm families, of course, had been planting gardens and preserving produce for generations.

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Now, their urban cousins got into the act. All in the name of patriotism. Magazines such as the Saturday Evening Post and Life printed stories about victory gardens, and women's magazines gave instructions on how to grow and preserve garden produce. Families were encouraged to can their own vegetables to save commercial canned goods for the troops.

Victory Garden

In , families bought , pressure cookers used in the process of canning , compared to 66, in The government and businesses urged people to make gardening a family and community effort. The result of victory gardening? The US Department of Agriculture estimates that more than 20 million victory gardens were planted. Are you short on space? Consider working edibles in around your existing flowers and shrubs.

8 Unusual Wartime Conservation Measures

Are you stuck with a shady backyard? Then, think about planting your victory garden in the front yard. Many fruit and vegetable plants are actually quite attractive, so there's no need to give up curb appeal.

Food Rationing in Wartime America

Front yard gardens and gardens in the parking strip are becoming common in some neighborhoods. If they aren't yet sprouting up your neighborhood, you could start the trend.

No space to garden? See if there are any community gardens in your town, or ask a friend if you can garden on their land in exchange for a cut of the harvest. You will find the zone listed on seeds, seedlings and plants.

The Victory Garden by Rhys Bowen

Once you know your zone, this will allow you to choose plants that are suited to your specific growing conditions and increase your chance of success. Focus on the fruits, vegetables, and herbs that you eat regularly to make the biggest impact on your grocery bill.

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Are you new to gardening? Then, start with plants that are easy to grow. Do you like to keep things low-maintenance?

Build victory gardens for 200 Ethiopian students

Then, include lots of perennial foods , and you'll have less to plant next year. See if your local garden center, community college or county extension agency has classes for beginning gardeners.

Catalog companies are usually the cheapest source for seeds and plants.